Southeastern New Mexico Economic Development District


RTP is a federal reimbursement program that funds recreational trails and trail-related facilities for both non-motorized and motorized trail purposes.  Projects may include planning, design/construction or maintenance.  RTP is administered through the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT), who contracts with SNMEDD for carrying out RTP functions through SERTPO.  The SERTPO Program Manager accepts applications from eligible entities, as specified in the NMDOT TAP-RTP Guide.  Funding cycles occur approximately every two years.

When the application cycle is open, applicants complete their preliminary application, the Project Feasibility Form (PFF).  The PFFs are submitted to the SERTPO Program Manager, according to the PFF deadline established and approved by the SERTPO Policy Committee.  Once the SERTPO Program Manager receives the PFFs, feasibility reviews are scheduled with the applicants.  Applicants, NMDOT and the SERTPO Program Manager participate in a feasibility review.  Applicants with an NMDOT-approved PFF will proceed to complete their final application.  Complete application packages are due to the SERTPO Program Manager by the SERTPO-approved deadline.  SERTPO submits its applications from the region to NMDOT, who conducts the funding review and selection.

Tribal/Local Public Agency (T/LPA) Handbook 2019


The SERTPO deadline for submitting a preliminary application or Project Feasibility Form (PFF) for the RTP Program  FFY 2020-21+ funding cycle was July 2, 2018.  Information on this funding cycle can be found in the Application Guide below.

NMDOT FFY 2020-21+ TAP/RTP Application Guide.

Application forms are provided below.

NMDOT Project Feasibility Form (PFF)
NMDOT Project Prospectus Form (PPF)
NMDOT TAP/RTP Application Form